The Exclusive Rug Co.

Greenholme Carpets and Flooring are pleased to announce the opening of the Exclusive Rug Co based in our Otley Store on Station Road.

Stocks include individual unique pieces in traditional and contemporary styles which are handmade and take months to weave on looms by skilled craftsmen. Also, in stock are machine-made ranges in all styles, available in various ongoing colours and sizes in the highest quality wool and manmade fibres. This is due to the fact that we work in partnership with our sole supplier who deals with the trusted factories where they are produced.

We work in partnership with our suppliers using trusted and long-established factories where the rugs and carpets are produced.We can source any type and size you require from anywhere in the World.

We are happy for you to take a rug on approval and see how it looks in your home without any obligation.

At your service The Exclusive Rug Co.

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